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We serve the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Rochester area Union Ceramic & Seamless Flooring needs.

Rochester Tile and Ceramics
Rochester Tile and Ceramics
Rochester Tile and Ceramics
Rochester Tile and Ceramics

Located in Shakopee serving St. Paul, Minneapolis and Rochester and surrounding areas

Unmatched Mosaic

To guarantee that your mosaic tiles look their very best for longer, you need to invest in an installation company that stands out from the crowd. Call Lee's Ceramics today for our unmatched mosaic installation and restoration services and to learn more about the range of services we offer as well as our pricing offers. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

Anyone with mosaic will be quick to attest how beautiful and enhancing that this tile type can be for any sized business. However, if you invest in the top-quality mosaic installation from Lee's Ceramics, then you can rest assured that you will receive an unmatched service that will conveniently install your mosaic tiles the very best in no time at all. In general, if you have bothered to install mosaic tiles in your business, then the chances are that you care how they appear. It stands to reason then that you will not want to take shortcuts with the installation and maintenance of your beautiful mosaic tiles.

Reasons to Choose Lee's Ceramics Inc.

At Lee's Ceramics Inc., we are firm believers in the mantra that you get nothing for nothing. That is why we will always work extremely hard to ensure that our professional standards are maintained for all our clients. So, whether you are a new tenant just getting started as a business owner, a restaurant hoping to re-tile their entire dining room, or a hotel owner looking to tile every unit, we can help. Some of the specific reasons that our clients have given for choosing our top-quality service since we first opened our doors, in 1959, include:

  • 1. We are a locally run and operated business that puts our client's, and the project interests first.
  • 2. We are a member of the Bricklayers & Allied Craft Local 1 Union which ensures our quality of performance and quality trade craft.
  • 3. No sub-contracting: all our skilled craftsmen are directly employed by Lee's Ceramics Inc.
  • 4. We offer the perfect blend of traditional and modern installations for fit each client’s personal demands.
  • 5. Access to some of the most unique and customized tiling repair techniques.
Ceramic Tiles

Need an Experienced and Established Seamless Flooring Team?

As an established commercial tiling Installation and restoration team, Lee's Ceramics Inc. also offers an extremely comprehensive seamless flooring service for all our commercial clients flooring needs. We offer an unbeatable seamless flooring division that is knowledgeable about all installation methods and individual epoxy manufactures.

Combined this with our professionalism and great customer care you will be satisfied with our seamless flooring installation. Why take chances with inferior seamless flooring contractors when the premier seamless flooring contractor is only a phone call or email away?