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If you are looking for a material that can add immediate value to your home then you really should choose marble. Esthetically pleasing, extremely malleable and relatively porous, it is the perfect choice for any type of home. Lee's Ceramics Inc. has provided an impeccable marble installation service for homeowners for years and should be the first number you call.

Why is Grout so Important?

If it was up to us, then we would never ruin a perfect slab or marble tile with unsightly and discolored looking grout. Honestly, we get that it takes away from the visual and esthetic benefits of this beautiful material. However, the unfortunate reality of the situation is that, when it comes the best marble installation job, grout is a very necessary evil. The fact of the matter is that while marble will look better initially without any grout ruining its appearance, over time, it will eventually ruin the tile and leave you with a sizeable financial headache.

At Lee's Ceramics Inc., we always strive to find real and lasting solutions to challenging situations such as this. In this case, it means finding a compromise to applying too much grout which can impact on the esthetic qualities of marble, while, at the same time, using a sufficient amount of grout to ensure that the tiles do not crack over time. For the best of both worlds, our team of marble installation experts will use the smallest possible grout line for optimal results.

Three Ways Marble Can Enhance Your Home

For far too long, marble was overlooked as a material of choice when it came to fixtures and fittings in a family home. Thankfully, that is no longer the case and, at Lee's Ceramics Inc., we are extremely glad about this fact. After all, this is a classic look that has been in vogue since the time of the Ancient Greeks, it is no surprise that is now making somewhat of a comeback. There is no doubt about it, when marble is cut, designed and installed correctly, it can immediately enhance the look and feel of your home. Three areas of your home that benefit from marble installation include:


As a simple and flat surface, marble suits countertops to a tee. As a simplistic, focal-point to the most important room in your home, any kitchen can be immediately enhanced with a marble countertop. This is particularly true if your kitchen has a standalone island or sink.

Kitchen Tiling

Irrespective whether you have young children, the fact of the matter is that your kitchen is likely to experience a lot of spillage and staining. Unlike other materials, marble is not particularly porous. This means that it can work in a kitchen environment without staining or building up water.

Fireplace Surround

Let’s be honest about it, a fireplace is one of the grandest and most important installations in your home. As such, it makes sense to surround it with such a regal stone like marble.